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Welcome to St Ambrose's website, we are part of the wider community in Leyland, Lancashire.

St Ambrose is a truly inclusive church. A place where our differences in theology both catholic and evangelical are reflected and celebrated within 'the bridge church ethos' of The Church of England. it is here we hope each person, regardless of ethnicity, belief, religion and sexual orientation will feel valued. We will try to welcome the honest seeker after truth and the curious, into a greater understanding of discipleship. Will you help us to achieve this?

This site is full of information about the Church. The site is updated regularly. It also contains information on how to make use of the Church (the people not the building) and its facilities (including the buildings). You are Welcome, whether you are new to the area or just visiting (either physically or virtually). Come in and look around and find more information about St Ambrose.

Open Office

If you need to see Duncan he is available at the Vicarage Saturday Mornings 9 am until 12:30pm. If you want to discuss Baptisms, Weddings or any other pastoral matter.
Alternatively you can email him "mailto:vicaratstambrose@hotmail.co.uk

Duncan's mobile number is 07583222942.

St Ambrose Bake Off 2015
Saturday 13th June 2015

Application form for this years Bake Off

Updated Protection Policies

We have updated our protection policies for Children and Vulnerable Adults To read the documents "http://stambrose.info/hfa_business.php">here

Using Halls for All

To contact our Halls for All booking team ring 07554588818, or e-mail halls4all@yahoo.co.uk.
Halls for All website: www.halls4all.musicnw.co.uk/ or click on the poster to go direct to the site

Bible Verse of the Day
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